Newswire: Harley’s Little Black Book honors Muhammad Ali in this exclusive preview

2016 is the year that keeps on taking, and as we lose more cultural icons, it’s important to remember the legacy of these hugely influential figures. Harley Quinn probably isn’t the first person readers would expect to pay tribute to boxer Muhammad Ali, who passed away in June, but that’s exactly what’s going down in this week’s Harley’s Little Black Book #5, which invites the legendary artist Neal Adams to reimagine 1978’s Superman Vs. Muhammad Ali one-shot with Harley stepping in for Ali. Harley’s Little Black Book has been a wild series where anything can happen (the last issue had Harley travelling back to World War II to team up with the DC Bombshells and beat up Hitler), and writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti have done exceptional work taking advantage of the freedom afforded by this title to put Harley in …

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