Newswire: Happy Thanksgiving from The A.V. Club

Hey there A.V. Clubbers, as we do every year we’re temporarily shutting down the Newswire in honor of Thanksgiving (or as Best Buy would prefer you call it, Black Friday Eve). We do have a few juicy morsels of holiday-weekend content, including an AVQ&A, Staff Picks, and a For Our Consideration piece on the X-Men, basting in the oven right now. But before settling in for a long weekend of binge watching, turkey sandwiches, and glorious mid-afternoon naps, we’d like to take a moment to express our gratitude to you, our readers, for making The A.V. Club the publication that it is.

Thank you for reading all the way to the end of our articles, even when no less than 8,000 words will suffice. Thank you for the liveliest, punniest, and most vibrant comment section on the internet. Thank you for supporting us and …

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