Newswire: Happy Independence Day from The A.V. Club

We’re taking the day off here at The A.V. Club in honor of Independence Day, with apologies to our friends in other countries whose thirst for content will go unslaked while we run around blowing things up and drinking from cans literally emblazoned with our country’s name for when we forget what we’re celebrating. And we have our reasons. For you see, if somehow you haven’t already heard, America’s most patriotic holiday has a weird vibe this year.

This time last year, our first black president welcomed Kendrick Lamar and Janelle Monae to the White House. This July 4th weekend, meanwhile, our first pro-wrestler president is speaking at a concert/rally sponsored by evangelical megachurches ostensibly in honor of military veterans, but really in honor of himself. Take this DPRK-worthy ditty (the song starts at 34:28, if YouTube doesn’t sync up properly …

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