Newswire: Hanson brothers compare Justin Bieber’s music to chlamydia

Becoming a big star in any field at a young age can usually screw somebody up, but for the Hanson boys, it seems like the success of “MMMBop” 25 years ago just made them very particular about music. They’ve kind of earned the right to be a bit snobbish, since they did put out a massively popular song a very long time ago, but everybody should make a point to avoid getting on Hanson’s bad side because those boys can be vicious. Last year, they felt the need to declare that nobody has ever made a good cover of “MMMBop,” and now they’ve fired a classic Hanson burn in the direction of a slightly more relevant artist who also used to be an adorable teenage moppet.

As reported by Page Six, the Hansons appeared on an Australian radio station recently and played a self-explanatory game called “Whose …

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