Newswire: Hannibal’s Tao Okamoto to play Mercy Graves in Batman V Superman

We’ve known since last year that Hannibal’s Tao Okamoto—who was The Wolverine’s Tao Okamoto back then—will be in Batman V Superman, but the reports at the time suggested she’d be playing an original character created for the film. Then, she popped up in the big Batman V Superman Comic-Con trailer for a second, and superhero fans started speculating that she’d be playing Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor’s bodyguard/chauffeur/assistant who first appeared in Superman: The Animated Series. Now, Coming Soon reports DC officially announced (in a recent behind-the-scenes video) that Okamoto is, in fact, playing Mercy Graves.

Compared to most comic book characters—especially her Batman: The Animated Series counterpart, Harley Quinn—Graves doesn’t have a ton of backstory. In her original cartoon incarnation, she was an especially clever thief who tried to rob Lex Luthor. When she got caught, Luthor …

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