Newswire: Hannibal’s final half-season will feature a status quo-smashing three-year time jump

Going into its final half-season, NBC’s recently canceled Hannibal isn’t pulling any punches. As revealed during this evening’s “Pannibal” at Comic-Con, Bryan Fuller’s blood-spattered critical darling is about to completely upset its status quo, with a new trailer revealing an upcoming three-year time jump that will see its dapper, sociopathic hero finally locked away, and troubled profiler Will Graham married and retired.

To be fair, these plot revelations aren’t coming entirely out of left field; it’s been known for a while that the final part of the show’s third season would work as a direct adaptation of Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, which features a married Graham and a locked-up Lecter. But it’s still a pretty huge jump, especially when you consider that when we last saw the pair, they were both strung up by their ankles at the mercy of terrifying, turtle-faced …

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