Newswire: Hannibal Buress has found a way to stop people from using cell phones during his shows

People who read The A.V. Club are obviously hip to various scenes, so we all know who Hannibal Buress is, but to a handful of (woefully uncool) people out there, he’s probably just “the guy who called Bill Cosby a rapist during one of his comedy sets.” Unsurprisingly, Buress isn’t too fond of these hypothetical people always associating him with Cosby, so he’s going after the thing that started all of this. No, not Cosby, we’re talking about the people who tape his shows with their cell phones.

It does make a certain amount of sense: Someone taped his bit about Cosby being a rapist and put it on YouTube, and now that bit is permanently spoiled for all of his future audiences. If only someone hadn’t been taping it, then…actually, it was probably good that someone taped that particular thing, but we …

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