Newswire: Halloween Returns director wants Gillian Jacobs, a “Han and Chewie moment”

Since its debut in 1978, the Halloween timeline has become arguably the most convoluted of the big horror franchises. Halloween III: Season Of The Witch exists in a world where Carpenter’s 1978 original is simply a movie that shows on Halloween night. Halloween H20: 20 Years Later ignores the events of the fourth, fifth, and sixth films. Rob Zombie’s 2007 remake took a boy who was “purely and simply evil” and made him a misunderstood child from a broken home. And the less said about Halloween: Resurrection the better. Now the makers of Halloween Returns are attempting to reboot the franchise (again), and have some good ideas that will probably get mucked up in the execution.

First, director Marcus Dunstan wants to get the Michael Myers look just right. For one reason or another—perhaps the inability to find any more Don Post Captain Kirk masks?—the Myers …

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