Newswire: Gwyneth Paltrow pays tribute to hip-hop with $1,695 handbags

It’s a problem that has long plagued the fashionable: How do you find a stylish way to tote the many cosmetics and accoutrements necessary to maintaining your lavish lifestyle, while also proclaiming that you’re into classic hip-hop? Stopgaps such as shoving your eyeliner and pashminas into the vinyl sleeve for Straight Outta Compton only result in a cumbersome mess, while toting a regular purse and simply telling people you like hip-hop whenever it naturally comes up in the conversation is so confining. There has to be a better, more expensive way. And as always, that’s where Gwyneth Paltrow comes in.

Paltrow’s Goop, the hype man for dangerously gluten-free MCs, has announced an exclusive collaboration with handbag designer Edie Parker on a line of “hip-hop themed clutches.” Paltrow—a self-proclaimed hip-hop fan who’s been known to tasteful-porcelain-bust a rhyme herself—personally commissioned the clutches to be …

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