Newswire: Gwenpool’s brother discovers the Marvel Universe in this exclusive preview

Marvel’s The Unbelievable Gwenpool has had a fascinating trajectory. The character originally debuted as a variant cover theme capitalizing on the success of Spider-Gwen, and those covers proved popular enough that Marvel gave Gwenpool her own ongoing series. Writer Christopher Hastings made a wise decision in not making this character another alternate-universe Gwen Stacy, instead using Gwenpool to explore superfans’ attachment to superhero comics by having her be a person from the real world outside the comics page. With artist Gurihiru, Hastings found a new spin for Deadpool’s meta point of view, and the current arc of the series has taken that aspect even further as toys around with the visual elements of the page and makes them physical objects in Gwen Poole’s world. (For a deeper dive into this new arc, check out this Comics Panel review of The Unbelievable Gwenpool #17.)

This exclusive preview of …

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