Newswire: Guy who played crappy Green Lantern feels bad for guy who played crappy Human Torch

It’s not easy being a widely mocked superhero. Just ask the guy whose powers consist of telling fish what to do. But scorn can easily turn to sympathy when faced with the sad fallout of the men who have to get paid millions of dollars to do the equivalent of imagining your finger is a ray gun and going, “Pew! Pew!,” only to be mocked when the movie turns out badly. Hath not a rich and internationally famous actor eyes, sir? Hath he not hands, organs, and probably an electric car? If you prick him, does he not bleed? And if you make jokes about his terrible superhero movie, does he not die of mild embarrassment, metaphorically? Truly, je suis Green Lantern.

And Ryan Reynolds, who played Green Lantern in a bad superhero film, is now expressing his sadness that Michael B. Jordan, who played the Human Torch in …

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