Newswire: Guitar Hero and Rock Band are coming back

Back in 2011, we said a fond farewell to the Guitar Hero game series, the sequence of buttons required to make little cartoon people cheer at your mangling of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” left unpressed forevermore. But to all things there is a season, and the season for strapping on a lightweight plastic joystick in the vague shape of a guitar has returned. The Associated Press reports that, much like the recent Rock Band announcement, Guitar Hero is returning in new and improved iterations, the better to convince you that, hey, maybe your high school ska-funk band could’ve really gone places if you had just stuck with it.

The new version, entitled Guitar Hero Live, is scheduled for release some time this fall. It features redesigned guitars, live-action actors, and—most significantly—an online music video network from which players can access songs to perform. Either online or in-person …

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