Newswire: Guillermo del Toro wants to make a mob movie starring Jabba the Hutt

Now that the Star Wars Extended Universe is no longer canon, there are plenty of writers, filmmakers, and other creative types looking to fill in the gaps with their takes on origin stories of favorite characters. Self-proclaimed “fat geek” Guillermo del Toro, for example, wants to tackle the origins of Jabba The Hutt. “It’s the character that looks the most like me and I love him,” del Toro jokes.

The filmmaker goes onto explain to Yahoo! News that he would love to create a Godfather-type saga delving into the seedy underworld of the Hutts. His version would tell the story of how the Tattooine gangster gained control of the Hutt mafia—picture a single tracking shot of Jabba whisking Princess Leia through the basement of Mos Eisley Cantina as a table for two swings into frame for a front row seat for Figrn D’an and the Modal …

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