Newswire: Guillermo Del Toro has been batting around Star Wars ideas with Lucasfilm

Guillermo Del Toro is infamous for constantly being attached to dozens of projects that he’ll never actually make, and in a recent interview with Collider, he not only touched on why that is, but he also casually mentioned that he’s been having meetings with Kathleen Kennedy from Lucasfilm and John Knoll from Industrial Light And Magic about possibly taking on a Star Wars movie. Regarding the first point, Del Toro pins the blame on overzealous entertainment reporters who take every rumor as fact and interpret hypothetical situations as definite possibilities. Who cares about that, though, because Guillermo Del Toro is definitely making a Star Wars movie!

He doesn’t have any kind of deal with Disney and no formal negotiations are happening, but Del Toro says he’s been talking to Kennedy and Knoll “about ideas” and “there’s some characters [from Star Wars] that are great.” The …

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