Newswire: Guided By Voices is coming back, in one form or another

Less than 18 months after the last time they broke up—which was 10 years after the first time they broke up—incorrigibly prolific lo-fi legends Guided By Voices are back. In what form, though, is not yet clear: Bandleader Robert Pollard is currently the only person attached to the reunion, which will take the form of a headlining set at the Sled Island Music Festival in Calgary. A new GBV record is also supposedly in the works, and Pollard is the only one attached to that, too. Still, even if he has to play all the instruments himself and assemble an entirely new backing band, Pollard should be able to release at least three EPs and an album before the gig this June.

Speaking of, Pollard also has a proper solo album, Of Course You Are, coming out on March 4 on indie label Fire Records. You can hear …

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