Newswire: Guardians Of The Galaxy and Orphan Black win Hugo Awards, Sad Puppies don’t

There was some uncontroversial good news at this year’s Hugo Awards ceremony: Guardians Of The Galaxy took home the prize for Best Dramatic Presentation in the Long Form category, and Orphan Black‘s second-season finale took home the same prize for Short Form.

Oh my Gosh, this is so amazing. We won a @TheHugoAward for @Guardians. THANKS!!

— James Gunn (@JamesGunn) August 23, 2015

Of course, that was pretty much it for the agreeable portion of the night. As we previously reported, this year’s nominations process was hijacked by a campaign calling itself Sad Puppies, whose stated mission was to counteract what its members saw as the domination of the Hugos by elitist and insular academics and others who marginalize more mainstream and populist sci-fi. Unfortunately, this coincidentally (or not so coincidentally, depending on how generous you’re inclined to be) happened to focus almost …

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