Newswire: Grumpy Cat getting her own statue at Madame Tussauds

“The Roaring ’20s.” “The Summer Of Love.” “The Me Decade.” These are terms that retroactively came to represent a host of cultural signifiers of a specific time and place. And someday, decades from now, historians will assign a shorthand title to this era in American history as well. This year—and probably a number of the surrounding years, both preceding and following this moment in time—will be known as “The pinnacle of human history,” because Grumpy Cat is getting her very own wax figure at Madame Tussauds.

#BREAKING: Grumpy Cat Not-Happy To Be @MadameTussauds First Cat Wax Figure #GrumpyWax:

— Grumpy Cat (@RealGrumpyCat) August 26, 2015

To be more precise, she’ll be getting her very own animatronic statue that will be able to perform five different movements, according to Business Wire. The statue will debut later this year at the Madame …

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