Newswire: Greg Berlanti producing adaptation of Infinite Horizon comic book

Greg Berlanti, the masked hero who helped turn The CW into the shockingly successful network it is today with Arrow and The Flash, has found another comic book-based project to attach his increasingly valuable name to: The Infinite Horizon, a six-issue miniseries created by Gerry Duggan and Phil Noto. The Infinite Horizon—the first issue of which came out in 2007—is a militaristic take on The Odyssey that’s set in the near future, and Berlanti will be producing a big-screen adaptation of it with Hercules writer Ryan Condal putting together the script. Though Berlanti is mostly known as a TV guy, he has worked on a handful of movies before this, including Pan (the upcoming Peter Pan origin story) and a certain superhero movie about a green guy with a lantern that we won’t mention by name. Everyone deserves a chance to have their mistakes buried in …

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