Newswire: Great, now music can be used to hack phones

There are probably a dozen comic book villains who have weaponized the power of sound in some way, but up until now that’s always seemed like more of a concern to superheroes than to us regular people. Unfortunately, researchers at the University Of Michigan and the University Of South Carolina have discovered that they can “influence” certain kinds of devices using sound waves from a “malicious” music file. That means the groundwork is now in place for some renegade hacker to put on a goofy costume, call himself “Doctor Soundwave” or something, and start menacing the world by remotely controlling our gadgets.

Basically, the way this exploit works is by manipulating the accelerometers that are in pretty much every tech device these days, including phones, fitness trackers, and some cars. According to The New York Times, these researchers were able to create specific audio files that could control the …

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