Newswire: Grab a tall glass of blood and stream the vampiric new record from Say Hi

Vampires might not be as hot right now as they were when Twilight premiered, but that hasn’t stopped Say Hi from making a record about them. Say Hi—aka Eric Elbogen—sought inspiration from the bloodsuckers for his forthcoming ninth LP, Bleeders Digest. The sequel to 2006’s Impeccable Blahs, the record is more fun than goth, with Elbogen telling The A.V. Club that “while it was indeed fun to sing more songs about heartbreak and lust, from the perspective of our pale, fanged friends, it’s the songs that highlight their human-like neuroses that [he] always [has] the most fun with.” Though he encourages fans to “raise a tall glass of delicious blood” while listening to the record, Elbogen says he never knew “that singing about dead people would make [him] feel so alive.”

Now, thanks to The A.V. Club and our pals at Barsuk Records …

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