Newswire: Gorillaz add a new chapter to their mythology with “The Book Of Noodle”

Even for a band that’s entirely made up of cartoon characters and is also the brainchild of Blur’s Damon Albarn and Tank Girl co-creator Jamie Hewlett, there’s a lot more going on with Gorillaz than you might think. Specifically, there’s a whole narrative going through the band’s albums, music videos, websites, and DVDs about the crazy stuff that happens to 2D, Noodle, Murdoc, and Russel in the process of making their albums. Really, though, the saga of the Gorillaz is an epic that reaches far beyond simple alternative rock/hip-hop music.

Anyway, as rumblings about a new Gorillaz album—the first since 2010’s Plastic Beachstart to pick up, the band’s underlying mythology has begun to expand accordingly. As reported by Consequence Of Sound, the Gorillaz Twitter account has recently begun sharing updates from “The Book Of Noodle,” a story about what their …

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