Newswire: Gore Verbinski is making a movie about a killer spa

Gore Verbinski, his nerves still frayed from directing The Lone Ranger, has made the positively Sandler-esque decision to combine the filming of his next movie with a trip to the spa. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Verbinski is currently developing A Cure for Wellness, the story of an office drone type who is sent to pick up his boss from a European “wellness spa,” only to discover that both he and his boss are trapped there, and at this spa, “R&R” stands for repugnance and ruination. (You can use that one if you want, Gore.)

Verbinski has already cast The Amazing Spider-Man 2′s Dane DeHaan as the lead, as well as Nymphomaniac: Volume II’s Mia Goth in an unknown role. A Cure for Wellness—which we assume will be an homage to the ’80s “aerobic horror” subgenre, consisting of 1989’s Death Spa and 1987’s Killer Workout …

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