Newswire: Gordon Ramsay pans Girl Scout Cookies on Jimmy Kimmel

The culinary world’s favorite enfant terrible stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday to promote the 15th(!) season of Hell’s Kitchen, but that’s not important. The important thing is that he tried Girl Scout cookies for the first time, after having avoided them in his entire time in the United States. Spoiler alert: He hated them.

After assessing them visually as “dog biscuits,” he reluctantly described the peanut butter chocolate Tagalongs as “okay.” He found the sweet, coconut-y caramel-chocolate Samoas as “a bit weird,” and promptly spit them out. And after his first bite of the hallowed Thin Mint, he said, “That’s like a cheap After Eight dinner mint.” He spit that one out too, probably to the chagrin of the entire country.

Ramsay got his start in cooking after sustaining injuries during his short-lived soccer career, and has amassed 16 Michelin stars so far for his …

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