Newswire: Google to make it easier to impulse buy things when you’re drunk

Online enabler Google has announced that it will soon remove one of the last few moments of consideration standing between you and your every capricious whim, adding a “buy button” to its mobile site that allows you to purchase things directly from your search results, without having to visit another page or even think about it, really. The service’s chief business officer Omid Kordestani said yesterday that Google Buy is “imminent,” and it was designed to reduce “friction” for users by allowing them to go ahead and attach their credit card info to their Google login so they can shop instantly. In this case, “friction” is defined as those one or two extra steps that force you to think about whether you really want the complete Quantum Leap DVD set, or whether you’re just drunk. That process will now be as lubricated as you are, allowing you to …

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