Newswire: Google Play launched an expansive Mad Men site (with help from The A.V. Club)

Did you hear that Mad Men ended its run recently? The internet didn’t have much to say about it, so perhaps you missed it. (That’s sarcasm.) Anyway, that joke is intended to break the ice for this news: Google Play—the company’s digital-media store, basically—recently launched a hefty mini-site that pays tribute to the show’s entire run, including some new graphics, exclusive videos, a timeline, storyboards, and—hey, look at that!—a series of written pieces from the staff of The A.V. Club that are exclusive to the site. Take a look around the whole thing, or jump to John Teti’s tribute to Duck Phillips, or Noel Murray’s piece about the show’s use of music. And many more… You can jump right to our stuff (mostly) right here. But the whole site is worth a look around for fans of the …

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