Newswire: Goodwill apologizes for using “Resting Kanye Face” to train its employees

Goodwill does a lot of (good) things well, but it looks like celebrity-based humor isn’t one of them. To wit: TMZ recently got its hands on an internal newsletter from the Illinois division of the charitable organization, in which a photo of Kanye West was used to give managers a lesson on employee interaction. A row of unsmiling Kanye faces was posted below the query, “Do you have Resting Kanye Face?”, which is apparently the award-winning-platinum-selling-artist equivalent of Resting Bitch Face, which is itself the equivalent of a person’s face.

Courtesy of TMZ

The post illustrates how Kanye West’s moue remains in place regardless of what exciting/sad/scary things are going on at Goodwill, but his thousand-yard stare is apparently not the demeanor that a store manager should adopt. It seems Goodwill would like its employees in leadership positions to have a wide range of expressions …

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