Newswire: Glee’s Darren Criss to star in emphatically named rom-com Smitten!

Coming up with a name for a movie can be tough. If it’s a horror movie, you might want something understated like Halloween or Paranormal Activity, because that implies that the scary scenes it contains are real and could happen to anyone. If it’s a comedy, you want something wacky with “balls” in the title, like Spaceballs or National Lampoon’s Balls Goes To College, because a movie has to be hysterical if its title is that funny. Romantic comedies are trickier, though. You don’t want to put “balls” in the title, because that detracts from the romance. Instead, you want to lean on love-related words, like Love Actually, A Lot Like Love, and Herbie The Love Bug.

Rain Man screenwriter Barry Morrow is obviously familiar with these guidelines, because his next film takes the “love-related words” concept and raises it to another level. According to The …

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