Newswire: Girls didn’t just forget about Shoshanna this season

This post contains discussion of plot points from the Girls episode ”Goodbye Tour.”

Before Sunday’s penultimate half-hour of Girls, it seemed that Shoshanna had gotten the short end of the narrative stick this final season, relegated to secondary character status while the other titular women got major storylines. But in tonight’s episode she shares big news: She’s engaged. All this time she has been falling in love with a man named Byron, who she met at a Sprinkles vending machine, and keeping that off-screen was the point, showrunners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner told The A.V. Club. “She’s a series regular,” Dunham said. “We didn’t just make a mistake and not write scenes for Shoshanna. There was a plan.”

Shoshanna indeed has purposely cut Hannah out of her life, and started to isolate herself from Marnie and Jessa as well. This isn’t exactly …

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