Newswire: Gillian Jacobs is going to Magic Camp with Adam DeVine and Jeffrey Tambor

Wet Hot American Summer basically rendered any future camp movies unnecessary, meaning filmmakers who are determined to tell stories about kids living in shacks near a lake for the summer have to get a little creative. According to Variety, Mean Girls director Mark Waters is doing that with Magic Camp, a new family comedy from Disney that’s set—unsurprisingly—at a camp where kids learn how to do magic. The move will star Adam DeVine as a former magician whose mentor (played by Jeffrey Tambor) enlists him to help work as a counselor at a magic camp he stayed at as a kid. Gillian Jacobs will be there as DeVine’s former partner.

On a side-note, the Variety story makes numerous references to “magic” and “magicians,” but it doesn’t specifically say if this is Harry Potter-style magic or “they’re called illusions” magic. We assume it’s …

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