Newswire: Gillian Anderson joins Harrison Ford’s Official Secrets, a movie that’s still called that

According to Variety, Gillian Anderson is in negotiations to join the cast of Official Secrets, the Harrison Ford-starring political thriller that is somehow not a movie that already came out 20 years ago, despite the fact that it stars Harrison Ford and is called Official Secrets. It can’t have come out 20 years ago, though, because the movie is set in 2003 and centers around an illegal NSA plot to conspire against the UN Security Council to ensure that the Iraq War goes according to plan. If Anderson takes the gig, and it sounds like she will, she’ll be playing an MI6 agent who is somehow involved in accomplishing/undermining that evil plot.

As we’ve previously reported, Official Secrets will also star Anthony Hopkins, Paul Bettany, Natalie Dormer, Tahar Rahim, and Martin Freeman. Justin Chadwick will direct, and the script was based on a book called The …

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