Newswire: Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny kissed—twice—on stage, because they’re evil

Fans of The X-Files—Scully/Mulder shippers, especially—are still recovering from the social media storm that hit last night when Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny did what they do best by torturing us with their love. Anderson joined Duchovny on stage at The Cutting Room in New York, where he was performing songs from his new album, because he’s a singer now.

Making her way to the mic, Anderson stopped for a quick kiss with no warning whatsoever for the innocent, unsuspecting audience members, who instantly lost their shit. “Can we play some real music, please?” Anderson asked. “Can you both chill?” the fandom asked back, collectively hyperventilating.

But neither had any chill, as they proceeded to sing a duet of Neil Young’s “Helpless.” After the first chorus, Duchovny whispered something in Anderson’s ear, making her laugh, and making some of us believe in love again …

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