Newswire: Gillian Anderson also thinks it’s ridiculous that The X-Files’ writing staff is all male

Now that Carrie Fisher has drowned in moonlight, Gillian Anderson is pop culture’s preeminent patron saint of not giving a fuck. (Google “Gillian Anderson middle finger” or “Scully eye roll” sometime, if you haven’t already. It’s fun.) And Anderson, having dug around in her purse for a while and found nary a fuck in there—not even way down in the bottom under her wallet and keys—was characteristically candid about the all-male writers’ room that’s been hired for the upcoming 11th season of The X-Files.

In response to an article in yesterday’s Washington Post entitled, “The X-Files‘ writers room reportedly has hired only men. How does this still happen?,” Anderson took to Twitter—the preferred platform of the chronically fuck-deficient—to say that she would also like to see equal representation for female nerds among the crew of sweaty weirdos that bring Agents Fox …

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