Newswire: Ghost In The Shell producer to remake Lone Wolf And Cub with “essentially Japanese” cast

Back in the ’70s, when Big Daddy and Hit-Girl were still a gleam in Mark Millar’s eye, there was only one name in comic-book parent-child mayhem, and that was Lone Wolf And Cub. Writer Kazuo Koike’s 28-part manga series went on to inspire a six-part movie series in its native Japan, the first two films in which were combined and redubbed for American audiences as Shogun Assassin, which in turn was sampled heavily on GZA’s Liquid Swords album. You may recall this intro:

The original Lone Wolf And Cub films are masterpieces of stylized ultra-violence, chronicling the adventures of imposing, jowly sword-for-hire Ogami Itto (Tomisaburo Wakayama) and his young son Daigoro (Tomikawa Akihiro) as they wander the countryside of a mythical feudal Japan where ninjas are everywhere—seriously, they come out of the walls and ceilings sometimes—with a baby cart outfitted with spring-loaded knives:

It’s …

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