Newswire: Get ready to flip a table, because the CIA’s been collecting your emoticons

The latest round of WikiLeaks, known as Vault 7, has included the disturbing revelation that the CIA may have used Samsung Smart TVs, as well as other brands of smartphones and cars, to essentially spy on their owners. It’s downright frightening to consider that our technology could be used against us, but then, that’s kind of the CIA’s thing, isn’t it? That’s what we got from Kingsman: The Secret Service, anyway. The tablets, fablets, smart watches, and such that we’re just now adopting have long been the stuff of the intelligence community.

But Motherboard reports that the CIA has also spearheaded some very low-tech initiatives in its ongoing data accumulation—specifically, someone at Langley has been responsible for putting together a database of emoticons. You know, the little text that convey your happiness or irritation, as well as pay tribute to Bill Clinton …

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