Newswire: Get involved, internet: The creators of Nick Arcade are Kickstarting a new show

Buoyed by modern technology and ambitious dreams, the creators of ’90s game show Nick Arcade are raising funds to launch an updated version of the show. James Bethea and Karim Miteff, along with the show’s original host Phil Moore, have teamed up to work on Enthlevel, a show they’re calling a “spiritual successor” to the Nickelodeon show. This time around, instead of 9-year-old kids using adjacent TV monitors to jump over alligators and sneak under cement walls, the show will use virtual reality technology and modern gaming devices to put contestants in the games. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bethea said Enthlevel is “still a sincere take on games and technology” and will ideally involve both more games and more contestants in each episode.

Bethea, Miteff, and Moore are trying to raise $350,000 to fund a presentation reel to shop around to networks. If they raise …

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