Newswire: Get Involved, Internet: Sign a lovely petition to release Fury Road in black and white

This new petition is as simple as they come: Director George Miller previously stated that the “best version” of Mad Max: Fury Road is the one he edited in black and white. And now fans would like to see it, please.

Miller previously insisted that a black-and-white version, as well as a “silent” version with the film’s score but no dialogue, would appear on the Blu-ray. Since that didn’t happen, fans are looking for 100 signatures (an oddly low bar) to send to Warner Bros. and the company’s CEO Kevin Tsujihara, demanding the release of this “best version.”

The petition creators think their request is quite reasonable, as The Mist got a black-and-white version on its Blu-ray release. (And, we would add, The Walking Dead also got a re-airing in black and white.) So this stuff isn’t that hard to arrange. In fact, it …

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