Newswire: Get Involved, Internet: Help Snopes keep busting actual fake news

For decades, long before “fake news” become it’s own ridiculous kind of bullshit, Snopes has been the internet’s best hope for separating fascinating lies from boring reality. Ever wondered if a dead Bigfoot was really found in New Mexico? Or if the entire planet will be plunged into darkness this November? Or if somebody actually strung up a corpse and used it as a scarecrow? Probably not, because those all seem pretty unlikely (and we already got plunged into darkness last November), but not every myth is so cut-and-dry, and that’s why we need Snopes.

Unfortunately, in what does not seem to be an elaborate hoax of some kind, the people behind the website have revealed that the outside vendor in charge of hosting the site has essentially taken it hostage and is refusing to pay advertising revenue or relinquish control of the site. So, to help …

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