Newswire: Get Involved, Internet: Help Rob Delaney unseat “garbage” GOP candidates

Part of Rob Delaney’s appeal is that he projects himself simultaneously as a genuinely decent human being and a total rage monster. Case in point: This Tumblr post from the weekend, in which he describes his anger over recent events in U.S. politics. “[S]omething happened yesterday that has operated on me more deeply than anything in any political campaign I’ve ever seen,” he wrote. “It has triggered my lizard brain, and I want to harm the people who’ve angered me. In a fun way!”

As he goes on to explain, he’s not referring to the “revelation” (his quotes) that Donald Trump is a misogynist sexual predator. No, what really pissed him off was the clown stampede of GOP congressional candidates rescinding their endorsements immediately afterwards. As he goes on to yawp:

That’s what it took for you to disavow him? Since I’m …

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