Newswire: Get Involved, Internet: Help fund Blackalicious’ first album in a decade

It’s been 10 years since 2005’s The Craft, and we haven’t gotten any new music from Sacremento hip-hop duo Blackalicious (they’ve been keeping busy with solo work, side projects, and, sadly, Gift of Gab has been suffering from kidney failure). This summer promises to change that, however, as according to Rolling Stone Gift of Gab and Chief Xcel are planning to self-release Imani, Vol. 1. Fans can help fund the first in this planned trilogy by pre-ordering a copy on Blackalicious’ PledgeMusic campaign page.

While giving directly to independent artists may not provide the same satisfaction as, say, paying the iron price to enter the Illuminati’s music cabal, Blackalicious is making up for it with an array of cool loot. Among the items that fans can order—all of which include a digital album download—are signed and unsigned versions of the album on CD …

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