Newswire: Get Involved, Internet: Get a custom Ghanaian movie poster, support a cool video store

Chicago’s volunteer-staffed Odd Obsession Movies video store has been in business for 11 years, and during that time it’s seen plenty of film geeks work its register—including two current staff writers of The A.V. Club—and amassed a massive collection of rarities, oddities, and all-around un-streamables.

Now, it’s moving to a better space, and has launched an Indiegogo campaign (full disclosure: I appear in the pitch video, name misspelled as always) to offset the cost of the move and of maintaining the collection. Along with local-only rewards like free rentals, they’re offering all kinds of neat cult movie swag, ranging from Willem Dafoe shirts to rare VHS-only titles to hand-painted movie posters from Ghana.

We’ve previously featured Odd Obsession’s sister store, Deadly Prey Gallery, on Staff Picks, for their collection of Ghanaian posters and signage. For an $800 donation, one of the …

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