Newswire: Get involved, internet: Fund I Get Knocked Down, a doc about Chumbawamba

You’re probably already song-bombed just from reading that headline, such is the ubiquity and pervasiveness of Chumbawamba’s 1997 hit “Tubthumping.” The single reached No. 1 in at least six different countries, has been endlessly remixed, was the theme song for a number of video games both at the time (EA Sports’ World Cup ’98 is seared in this writer’s memory) and years later (Nintendo’s Donkey Konga in 2004), and was the A.V. Undercover choice for They Might Be Giants in 2011.

But Chumbawamba, despite its reputation as a one-hit wonder, didn’t rise to popularity out of nowhere. A group of anarchist punks from Leeds, Chumbawamba had been making music and doing squat gigs for 15 years before it signed to EMI in 1997. Now vocalist Dunstan Bruce wants to bring the band together for a feature-length documentary that promises “[to reveal] for the first …

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