Newswire: Get Involved, Internet: Fund a Simpsons director’s food-truck cartoon series

Fans of The Simpsons and the cutthroat world of food truck competition might want to do themselves a favor, and go watch the Bob’s Burgers episode where the Belcher family operates a cart, because it’s honestly pretty great. But once you’re done with that (and you’ve finally gotten “Oil Spill” out of your head), you could also spend a little time and money on a new Kickstarter that also dips into the world of mobile foodie drama. Coming from the mind of director Gabriel DeFrancesco, who’s served for several years in various positions on The Simpsons, Chow-Fun is a “Sci-Foodieomedy” about the battles between a wormhole-hopping food cart operator and his hot dog-slinging nemesis.

The series centers on the manic figure of Colonel Chow, the owner-operator of food cart Colonel’s Chow, who constantly spouts fortune cookie wisdom in the volume-oblivious voice of former Mad …

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