Newswire: Get an early look at Game Of Thrones’ “Battle Of The Bastards”

[Fair warning: If you scroll through these photos from the “Battle Of The Bastards,” you risk spoiling Game Of Thrones’ penultimate season six episode for yourself. Well, sort of—as usual, they don’t reveal much.]

Game Of Throneswill unleash the Battle Of The Bastards” on its viewers in the penultimate episode of season six in just four days, which means fans should brace themselves for a deluge of non-information from HBO’s marketing team. Oh, sure, we know the titles of the last two episodes, but the pay-cable channel has opted not to release anymore synopses—not that those vague snippets ever told us much. We do have a little something to work with, now that some vigilant fans hacked the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, i.e., read through the Emmy consideration ballots: Someone’s going to surrender (or die), and someone’s going on trial …

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