Newswire: Germans love David Hasselhoff cameos

Though the Baywatch movie ended up dead in the water here in the States, that feature-length compilation of hard bodies in slow motion has gained some traction abroad. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Seth Gordon’s film hit the $12 million mark in the U.K., but that number was trounced by the box-office take in Germany, which is up to $16 million. It was the best showing of any foreign market for the film, and helped nudge its total international box-office past $100 million.

Dwayne Johnson’s appeal can certainly be credited for the film’s strong performance in Germany, but it’s the original Mitch that really drives them wild in Hamburg (or whatever German city you prefer). David Hasselhoff, who originated the role of the lifeguard on TV, only has a small part in the film adaptation as “The Mentor,” but it was enough to bring moviegoers …

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