Newswire: George Saunders wrote a poem about our alt-President

George Saunders has a well-established knack for political commentary and he already examined the Donald Trump phenomenon back in July, but since the orange guy in the red hat clearly isn’t going away as soon as we’d like, Saunders has apparently decided that he’s going to keep writing stuff about him. Last night, the Lincoln In The Bardo author took to Facebook to post a very long anti-Trump poem called “Trump L’Oeil” that tackles the man’s famously fragile ego and propensity for lying with a fun, nicely deployed rhyme scheme and a call for the country to stand up to his bullshit. Also, the title is a play on “trompe l’oeil,” which—for people who don’t know—is an artistic technique that involves making things look like they have more depth than they really do. (Get it?)

You can read the full poem …

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