Newswire: George Romero says Brad Pitt and The Walking Dead killed zombies

The zombie genre is dead. So says George Romero, whose indie horror film Night Of The Living Dead injected life into the zombie genre back in 1968. They weren’t called ”zombies” in that film, but they were beings who returned from the dead craving human flesh, and zombies pretty much have that lifestyle on lock. The Walking Dead also loves to avoid the “Z”-word, and refers to the returned as “walkers.” But according to Romero, big-budget fare like The Walking Dead and Brad Pitt’s World War Z ruined zombies for everyone else. “I think really Brad Pitt killed it,” Romero said when asked about the future of his Dead franchise in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. And no, he doesn’t mean Pitt slayed. He means he jammed a hacksaw right through the zombie genre. “The Walking Dead and Brad Pitt just sort of killed it …

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