Newswire: George R.R. Martin announces another new book that’s not Winds Of Winter

It’s now been six years since George R.R. Martin published A Dance With Dragons, the fifth (but not final) book in his A Song Of Ice And Fire series. In that time, the TV adaptation has become as popular as the source material, which has just doubled the clamoring for Martin to finish Winds Of Winter. These cries don‘t go unheard, but Martin is also plenty of busy with other projects, both in and out of the Seven Kingdoms. He’s got two new series in development as well as a Thrones-related story set to be published in an anthology this fall. Now Martin’s announced that he’s going to delve further into the “fake history” of his own making, by looking back at the reigns of the Targaryens.

In a new Livejournal entry, Martin writes that he’s moving forward with a collection …

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