Newswire: George Lucas “really liked” The Force Awakens, so now we have nothing to worry about

After the Star Wars prequels and Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull, it’s understandable that there’s a sizable group of people who are openly pessimistic about The Force Awakens. They were burned by sequels to beloved films in the past, so they don’t want to open their hearts to the possibility that the movie will actually be good this time. After all, how could it? Everything is bad these days anyway, so what are the odds that the guy who made those Star Trek movies nobody was all that into will be able to make a Star Wars movie on par with the original trilogy?

Well, it turns out that all of those fears can now be put to rest, because the one man whose opinion you can trust when it comes to Star Wars has seen The Force Awakens, and supposedly he “really …

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