Newswire: George Lucas is taking his museum and going home

Guess billionaires throwing fits and threatening to take their franchises elsewhere only works for stadiums: After more than a year of bitter back-and-forth, plans to build the $300 million George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art on Chicago’s lakefront have officially been abandoned. Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said as much in a scolding statement released earlier today, where he called the museum ”an incredible legacy investment” and tsk-tsked Friends of the Parks—which filed a lawsuit against the proposed museum in November 2014 and kept the fight going until this May—for “[negotiating] with themselves while Lucas negotiated with cities on the “West Coast.”

Statement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art

— ChicagosMayor (@ChicagosMayor) June 24, 2016

Lucas is pretty bitter about the whole thing too, since apparently he only likes ragtag coalitions bringing down mighty empires against incredible odds when he …

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