Newswire: George Lucas doesn’t use the internet, still stands by Greedo shooting first

This may come as a disappointment to a certain kind of stereotypical internet user who goes on angry message board rants full of thoroughly tasteless language about the damage that Jar Jar Binks did to their childhood, but George Lucas doesn’t pay attention to the horrible things you say about him online. In fact, he has effectively avoided the internet altogether for the last 15 years—a completely arbitrary period of time that probably has nothing to with any movies that came out around the turn of the millennium. Like, in May of 1999, just to pick out a random example.

This (fairly unsurprising) revelation comes from an extensive interview that Lucas gave to The Washington Post, and though “George Lucas doesn’t go on the internet” is a snappy takeaway, it’s not the snappiest takeaway from the article. That would be the fact that Lucas still stands …

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